Goa, what's cooking?

Connecting foodies with the finest home-based chefs

Amid tough times, a silver lining emerged – fresh talents soared, and cooking took the spotlight! Think teens whipping up desserts, and retired chefs flipping pans at home.

Our platform connects you with these 'Quarantined Chefs,' all set to plate up homemade goodness. Let's rally and back not only the chefs but whole families!

Created with ❤️ for Goa by a fellow Goan, Leo Barros

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No seriously, it's free

This platform was developed as a gesture of goodwill to the community amidst challenging times of the pandemic

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Supporting your local community

For a lot of home-based chefs, this business is their only source of livelihood. Patronize them as frequent as you can.

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Wide range of cuisines

From exquisite european cuisines to authentic Goan food, you have ample of choices

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Scale your business to the moon

For home-based chefs, this is a platform that is built solely for you! Register now and reach your target clientel

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Made with ❤️

Let's face it, there's a different charm to a home cooked meal. One that is made with passion and love.


How do I explore the listings on the platform?

To explore the listings, click Listings

How do I register my food business on the Quarantined Chefs Platform?

To register your food business, click Register.

Is there a cost associated with adding a listing?

No, listing your food business on the Quarantined Chefs Platform is completely free. Our aim is to support and promote local home-based chefs during these challenging times.

How can I get in touch with a chef to place an order?

Each listing includes a social media bar at the bottom with unique links to the chef's social media platforms. You can directly communicate with the chef through platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, or even by phone. This enables you to inquire about availability, new dishes, pricing, and delivery details directly.

Can I find chefs who offer specific cuisines on the platform?

Absolutely! The listings page has a search bar on the top that you can easily use to search for dishes, cuisines, localities, and a whole lot more.

Who created the platform?

The Quarantined Chefs Platform was created by Leo Barros

Is using the Quarantined Chefs Platform completely free?

Yes, using the Quarantined Chefs Platform is absolutely free as it is done purely out of goodwill to the community in challenging times.