Whisked and Baked

📍 Borda, Margao

📞 9146162012

Red Velvet with cream cheese1300
Red Velvet with cream1000
Choco Delight1200
Double Chocolate1300
Chocolate/butterscotch/vanilla with cream800
Chocolate/vanilla with chocolate cream900
Butterscotch caramel1000
Chocolate caramel1300
Chocolate mousse1100
Chocolate coffee900
Ferraro Rocher1600
Chocolate Nutella1500
Chocolate Almond/ hazelnut1400
Cookies and cream900
Chocolate chip1100
Cookie crunch1200
Fresh fruits with cream1000
Cake jars (Minimum order 5 jars)150/- , 70/-
Chocolate Brownies(6) - 400/- , (9) - 600/-
Red velvet cream cheese brownies(6) - 550/- , (9) - 800/-
Chocolate Bombs50
White chocolate bombs (Minimum order 6 pieces)60
Chocolate Cake sickles60
White chocolate cake sickles (Minimum order 4 pieces)70
Chocolate heart cakes50
White chocolate heart cakes (Minimum order 6 pieces)60
Chocolate chunk Cookies (Minimum 10 cookies)20/- , 15/- , 10/-
Chocolate dipped doughnuts (Minimum 10 pieces)20
Cheesecake (8)650

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